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Call for Nominations for NSYCC Board!

Elections for NSYCC board positions will be held in August. We are currently seeking nominations for all board positions. We are currently updating our bylaws to institute some changes we hope will allow NSYCC to run better. As a result, the upcoming elections will be for the 7 month term, September 2014-April 2015, with terms after being for a full year. We encourage self-nominations! Please e-mail us at abstracts@nsycc.org to submit nominations by July 31st!

Additionally, for the upcoming term, we are looking for participants to help plan and host the ACS National Meeting being held in Boston in August 2015. We will be hosting our annual German exchange program during this time in addition to 6 younger chemists from the European Younger Chemist’s Network. Please let us know if you’d like to get involved- it’s a great way to expand your network and begin to outreach to other younger chemists across the globe!


Positions for election:

 NSYCC will be guided and represented by the Chair. The Chair will represent the NSYCC to the public and the local ACS “NESACS” board. He/she will set the schedule and agenda for his/her tenure through regular committee meetings.  The Chair will prepare an agenda for every executive committee meeting and direct executive members of their duties. The Chair will mentor the Vice-Chair and the Career Chair, and assist other officers in the event that they cannot fulfill their responsibilities. His/her primary responsibility will be to organize, raise funds, and host the following events: NSCRC, German Exchange  (under the direction of the German Exchange committee in Germany and the Boston Area) and other events decided by the executive board. The Chair will organize accommodations for invited speakers and other guests with the assistance of the Treasurer and other representatives of the NSYCC. He/she will lead meetings and act as a liaison between the NSYCC and   NESACS, including, but not limited to submitting annual reports to NESACS and regularly attending NESACS meetings/functions. They will also connect with the chemistry and science departments of the area, corporations, companies, and government agencies. The Chair should be an active member of all committees, or assign such duties ad hoc to the Chair-Elect. If needed, the Chair will call special elections for new and/or replacement NSYCC officers.


Chair-Elect: Election to the Chair-Elect position constitutes a two-year commitment to the NSYCC, one year  as the Chair-Elect and the following year as the Chair (see above description). The Chair-Elect will assist the Chair, specifically but not limited to establishing the network and professional contacts of the NSYCC, leading meetings and events in the absence of the chair, supporting other executive members and assisting the Chair and Career Chair in the organization of the annual Chemistry Research Conference and Career Fair. Funds permitting, the Chair-Elect should attend the ACS Leadership Development Institute in order to build key contacts with leaders of the local and national ACS. In the event that the Chair is unwilling or unable to continue service, the Chair-Elect will assume the position of Chair pro tem until mid-term elections for the Chair, and any other vacancy, can be implemented.


Career Chair: The Career Chair is responsible for organizing the NSCCF every spring and other career development events.  The Career Chair will be the public face of the NSYCC during activities surrounding the Career Fair and will be responsible for fundraising, recruiting, and hosting the NSCCF.  The Career Chair will mentor  future volunteers interested in organizing the Career Fairs and networking events.  Funds permitting, the Career Chair should attend the ACS Leadership Development Institute in order to build key contacts with leaders of the local and national ACS. The Career Chair will also assist the Chair-Elect in the event the Chair is unable to continue in his/her duties.


Secretary: The Secretary will coordinate the distribution of each meeting’s agenda, will take meeting minutes or appoint another officer if not able to do so, and will maintain an accurate membership list of current members in concert with the webmaster and publicity chair. All record keeping and communications, separate from finances, will be maintained and recorded by the Secretary. The secretary will compile and organize a public drive accessible to executive members including but not limited to information required for future executive boards.


Treasurer: The Treasurer will maintain all financial records of the NSYCC. The treasurer will propose a budget for the year as directed by NESACS and/or the NSYCC executive committee, and oversee appropriate use and collection of funds, keep financial records of all fundraising efforts and expenditures and lead fundraising events. Any event or meeting where NSYCC expenditures will be incurred should be overseen by the Treasurer.  The Treasurer will organize audit committee for the funds of the NSYCC activities and fundraising with the Chair, Chair-Elect, and elected Treasurer at the beginning of the next term, and in conjunction with the NESACS Treasurer, as NESACS is periodically audited externally. Any fundraising events that are non-social will be guided and organized by the Treasurer, and planned in conjunction with the NESACS Treasurer and/or Fundraising Committee Chair.


Webmaster(s): The Webmaster will maintain the NSYCC web site content, maintain an active list of members email addresses, assist executive members in establishing and maintaining email addresses, and maintain record of all online accounts  as directed by the Chair. This includes coordination, editing, and uploading content to the site or to the site administrator, coordinating with the NSYCC Secretary to keep e-mail distribution list of members up-to-date.


Social Chair(s): The Social Chairs will consist of one to three people, elected as the top one to three people receiving votes for the Social Chair positions. The Social Chair and/or committee will suggest events, plan, propose and maintain a budget for all social events, as well as those assigned by the Chair and the committee.  The Social Committee, in cooperation with the Publicity Chair, will also be asked to contribute new ideas for social events in order to increase membership and/or engage current members that may not be active.


Publicity Chair(s):  The Publicity Chair will be responsible for coordinating the dissemination of news and information to the public under the direction of Chair, Chair-Elect and Career Chair.  The Publicity Chair will coordinate any electronic newsletters published via NSYCC and maintain submittal dates for publication in the NESACS booklet, the Nucleus. The Publicity Chair will be responsible for maintaining and cultivating all forms of NSYCC’s social media presence, including, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The Publicity Chair should work closely with the Webmaster, Secretary and executive board to publicize all events and coordinate when to publicize events.

National YCC Webinar – The Chemistry of Scent & Fragrance

fracgrance updated

Why do some scents quicken our pulse? Join us to explore the art of chemistry through the production of perfumes used in household products. Join three industry experts as they break down the science of fragrances and how chemists are working to find love potion #9.

Join us Tuesday, February 11 for a viewing of the national YCC webinar, “The Chemistry of Scent and Fragrance.”

We’ll be meeting at 6:30 in Chem Central (room 115), Hurtig Hall, Northeastern University for pizza. The webinar begins at 7:00.  Following the event we will be heading to Our House for a social hour (cash bar).

Register on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1456405247906957/

NESACS January Meeting

The January meeting of the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society will take place on January 16, 2014. The topic for discussion will be “Alternate Careers for Chemists, or What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?”

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 4.45.32 PM

Flyer for the January meeting including directions, dinner reservation information and more is available to view here: Jan NESACS Meeting

We look forward to seeing you there!

Free Registration for “Fostering Innovation” course in Boston

The Northeastern Section of the ACS is offering “Fostering Innovation”, an ACS Leadership Development® Course, on Monday, December 2, 1-5 PM at Pfizer, 200 CambridgePark Drive, Cambridge, MA.

In Fostering Innovation, you’ll learn to use a proven system and tools for tapping into your own creativity, eliminating personal and organizational barriers to innovation, and stimulating innovative thinking among team members and colleagues.

For more information, download a PDF of the flyer here!

(Posted November 10, 2013)


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